​Your auto glass plays an important part in the structural integrity of your car.

If your auto glass is of low quality or is damaged, it can effect things like:

  • Driver visibility
  • Deployment of an airbag
  • The strength of the roof in a rollover accident

​If you have quality auto glass installed, it can last you for years.
When low quality auto glass is hit with a rock it is much more likely to crack. On any windshield, the point of impact typically appears as a ‘star’ at first, and then temperature extremes or the pressure exerted by the inconsistencies of low quality auto glass, will make it ‘crack out’ or ‘run.’

Getting the glass repaired right away will prevent it from cracking and can prevent the need for a replacement.

Windshield chip before repair.

Windshield chip before repair.

Windshield chip after repair.

Windshield chip after repair.

After repair, the star (chip) is gone and the cracking has been arrested.

We will repair or replace your auto glass anywhere in the Greater Phoenix area.


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